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Base Metal Recyclers trades in Ferrous, Non Ferrous & Precious Metals, both locally and internationally.
We supply a number of good quality local and international foundries and have done so for more than 15 years, this helps us keep our customers updated on any changes locally and internationally and supply them the best and most updated prices.
We load our own containers on-site for export and have a very good reputation overseas with our customers.
Base Metal Recyclers has always put its customers service and needs first we supply on-site digital crane weighing facilities, which are utilised for the pick of high end metals and alloys which can exceed $50.00/ kg.
We supply the following;
Flat top semi trailers, semi tippers, large and small crane trucks, tilt tray trucks, forklifts on-site, factories cleared, 8, 10, 12, 20, 30 cubic mtr Dino hook bins, morel bins, 6x4 bins and smaller.
We purchase and pay cash for scrap metal directly from the public as well as industry, we are opened 6 days a week and have two on-site scales for your convenience, our staff are friendly and efficient.
We supply a consulting service on how best to minimise scrap metal waste and help streamline the disposal and payments of material.
We sell second hand Machinery and Equipment as well as second hand Metal;
Steel, aluminium, Stainless, Copper, Brass, rod & Bar, Beams, plate, sheet, depending on availability.

14 Sigma Drive Croydon South, Melbourne,Victoria, 3136 BMR: 03 8761 6590