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Paper Guillotine

Price: $155.00 + GST

Professional paper Guillotine with adjustable 470mm blade and a cutting height of 80 mm. A  measuring scale is on the front  table, the hand cranked backgauge allows a precise adjustment of the desired measures.
  • Solid spindle clamping
  • Hand guard and blade lock
  • All-metal construction
  • Cutting length: 475 mm
  • Cutting height: 40 mm
  • Table depth: 455 mm

various metals

Price: POA

Miscellaneous steel hollows, hex, flat. rounds
bronze bar, bushings
all sold by the kilogram

Steel sheets

Price: P.O.A

6 off 0.55mm x 2440 x 1220
4 off 0.85mm x 2440 x 12220
15 off 1.0mm x 2440 x 1220
1 off 1.6mm x 2240 x 1220
4 off 1.95mm x 2240 x 1220
3 off  2.9mm x 2440 x 1220

Steel Plate

Price: bargain, call for details

1 off 8 mm x 3050 x 1510
1 off 8mm x 2460 x 1220
1 off 8mm x 3110 x 1220
1 off 10mm x 3110 x 1240
1 off 10 mm x 3005 x 1520
1 off 10 mm x 3050 x 1520
1 off 12mm x 2410 x 1345
1 off 12 mm x 3190 x 1350

Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel sheet.

Price: POA

We have a great range of steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheeting. Including Aluminium siding for caravans.
typical sizes are 1220 x 2440 in thicknesses from 0.6mm to 12 mm.
Call in to see what we can help you with for your next project

Soda Syphons

Price: make an offer

approximetely 40 off Glass Soda Syphons.
Used throughout the 1940‘s and 50‘s, these are real collectors items to adorn your bar.

Type Set Machine (Vintage)

Price: make an offer

Funditor Type set machine; circa 1950‘s
Along with the Printing press (elsewhere on this page) an ideal display in the foyer of your printing business

Printing Press (Vintage)

Price: negotiable

Lever operated manual printing press.
probably early 1900‘s All slides and screws in good condition
An ideal display in the foyer of your printing business

Kero blow torches

Price: $25.00 + GST

Vintage kerosene blow torches.
these torches helped build Australia through through the 20th century and are still very useful where LPG may not be readily available

Crane Spreader bar

Price: $1200.00 + GST

2 tonne capacity, 4 point spreader bar measuring 3800 x 1200

Band Saw

Price: $225.00 + GST

3 Wheel Band Saw Herless model CF 500 Single Phase,
Height gap 150mm throat capacity 500 mm

Cold saw

Price: $1995.00 + GST

Hydraulic Cold saw 3 phase, 450mm blade
Recently fully reconditioned

lifting equipment

Price: refer text

4 x chain blocks 1.0 ($75.00 ea.) to 3.0 tonnes ($150.00 ea)
1 x ratchet block 2.0tonne capacity ($100.00)
2 x wire rope hoists 3200 kg capacity ($150.00ea)
not certified, Sell as is
NOTE all prices subject to GST

Garage Trolley Jacks

Price: $85.00 ea. + GST

2 off Garage Trolley Jacks
Hydraulic 2.25 tonne capacity
(not Certified)

Meat Slicer

Price: $480.00 + GST

Brice Deli Slicer
300 mm direct drive blade
built in blade sharpener

Power hack Saw

Price: $280.00 + GST

Macphersons Power Hack Saw
1500 stroke, 320 mm blade 3 phase
complete with 140 mm  vice and coolant pump

Square Hollow Steel

Price: $50.00/mtr + GST

We have in stock a range of SHS in 150mm, 240mm, 300mm. in lengths ranging from 2 to 3 metres

Vintage Screw Press

Price: $450.00 + GST

Manual Swing (Screw) Press
300 mm stroke, platten 350mm x 350mm

Motorised Inclined Conveyor

Price: $2000.00 + GST

Stainless Steel Conveyor
2500 long x 400 wide,
1mtr lifting to 2.4 mtr

SS Conveyor

Price: $1500.00 + GST

Stainless steel conveyor 3300 long  x 350 wide

Stationary Engine

Price: $155.00

Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke, 6 HP stationary engine, complete with centrifugal clutch and three groove vee belt drive pully. With a bit of tidying up would be an ideal portable power unit for pumps, generators etc.

Control Cabinet

Price: negotiable

Electrical Control Cabinet, complete with multiple potentiometers, input/output jacks.
Ideal for film crews, electronics students etc.

Stainless Steel mesh Panels

Price: $185.00 each + GST or $500.00 + GST for the lot

2 off L shaped stainless steel wire mesh panels 750 x 530 x 1600 high,
1 off flat stainless steel wire mesh panel 1900 x 1600
ideal as machine guards in the food or other industries

Arc Welder

Price: $200.00 + GST ono

Liquid Air
LiquidArc 200
Low Range/High Range rated to 200 amp
3 phase Arc welder

Vintage Centre Lathe

Price: $180.00

110 mm swing over the saddle and 150 mm swing over the bed this unique, purpose built lathe would be an ideal project for a restorer/hobbyist.
The lathe comes complete with a 3 jaw chuck, four jaw chuck and 2 face plates

Galvanised Steel display racks

Price: $155.00 each + GST

These beautifully made display racks are ideal for nurseries or out door displays
With 3 tiers and measuring 1200 x 600 x 900 high, they are made from galvanised steel grate and would be ideal for showing plants and shrubs

Steel Walkway Decking

Price: $40.00 + GST per sheet

We have in stock 12 lengths of steel walkway decking. Each piece is 1600 long x 1040 wide. Manufactured from galvanised steel, this material is ideal for pit covers or raised walkways

75 x 75 x 5mm steel angle

Price: $5.50/metre + GST

We have in stock a range of 75 x 75 x 5mm steel angle sections in various lengths ranging from 2.3 metres to 3.8 metres. In as new condition and saving you some 50%

Vintage Fire Extinguishers

Price: $85.00 + GST

These ones are for the collector, manufactured from copper, these extinguishers would have adorned the walls of many public buildings in the 40‘s 50‘s and 60‘s and would make an interesting talking point in your recreation room or den

Stainless Steel Bench

Price: TBA

Heavy duty stainless steel table with aluminium tread plate top and counter sunk self  tapped screws

Steel uni strut

Price: P.O.A.

40mm x 40mm x 6mtr long Uni Strut . 106 lengths available

Hi Lift Jack

Price: $100.00 + GST

Heavy Duty High Lift Jacks 3 in stock

Ratchet Binder

Price: $30.00 each +GST

Heavy duty rachet binder fitted with swivel grab hooks

Stainless Steel tank

Price: $1000 + GST

1500 dia x 1200 h approx 2000 ltr capacity Suitable for a wide range of applications including rain water storage.


Base Metal Recyclers buys and sells all Scrap Metal, sheet & plate products in all the metal categories, steel beams, machinery, equipment, antiques etc.
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